New Ideas for Hack Facebook

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Despite the fact that Facebook account security is repeatedly compromised every year, the number of users of this social network is growing. This is a website where we share details about our personal life, but we forget who can watch us. In fact, hacking a Facebook page is not a complicated process. Let’s consider some hack ideas used by ordinary people as well. 

Changing the password

The easiest way to hack a Facebook account is to change its password. As a rule, you can do this if you know the person:

  • First of all, you need to find out his login that is his email-address. You can ask for it or check it out on the Facebook page in the contact information if the person indicated it there.
  • You need to simulate the situation of password loss. Click “Forgot your password?” and enter his e-mail address.
  • The system offers to change your password via his e-mail, but this option isn’t suitable for you because you don’t know its password. So click the button “No longer have access to these emails?”.
  • The system will ask you how else you can be contacted. Enter the email-address which is not linked to any Facebook account.
  • A question will appear the answer to which only the account owner knows. You will have either to guess or find out the answer somehow. Enter it, change the password, and you will have access to this account in 24 hours.  


Keylogger is a program that records all keys pressed by the user of the PC on which it is installed. This program can be manually installed on the computer of that person whose passwords need to be known. It turns on together with the computer and works invisibly. The information about the keys pressed during this or that period of time will be sent to the installer’s e-mail.


Phishing is the most difficult way to hack a Facebook page but at the same time one of the most common. Its point is to create a false copy of the page sent to a potential victim where he’ll enter his login and password. This looks exactly like the initial Facebook screen. But if a person enters his login and password, this information will be immediately sent to the creator of this false page.


The information about ourselves that we disclose in social networks can be used against us. The more dependent we become on network technology, the greater the risk of hacking we are exposed to. If you need, for example, to watch your child’s activities on Facebook, it is sufficient to install a keyboard spy or a wiretapping program.