Blue Dragon OSRS

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Old School RuneScape, commonly known as OSRS, is MMORPG in which everyone plays a role with other players. This game will offer interesting quests, battles with bosses and other players, as well as other delights of such type. There are some bosses in the game like Blue Dragon. Learn how to kill him in this article.

Combat information about Blue Dragon

It is important to know the basic characteristics of your boss to be prepared for fighting against him. So Blue Dragon has such peculiarities:

  • Combat level: 111.
  • Hitpoints: 105.
  • Locations: Ogre Enclave, Taverley Dungeon, Myth’s Guild Dungeon.
  • Attack style: Melee (slash), Dragonfire (magic).
  • Max hit: 10 (Melee) — using the attack from a melee player will completely protect you from these attacks. 50 (Dragonfire) — If you wear anti-dragon or anti-dragonfire shields, it will give you full dragonfire protection and take no damage whatsoever from this attack. A more expensive option is to drink a dose of antifire and extended antifire potions. This will also give you full dragonfire protection without needing to wear an anti-dragon shield. This gives you the option of using something else in the shield slot such as the dragon defender.
  • Aggressive: yes.
  • Weakness: stab, magic, ranged, dragonbane weapons.

The Slayer information

Blue dragons give you 107.6 XP per kill and can be assigned by five different Slayer masters. Their combat and aggressive stats indicate that they are relatively strong and are capable of hitting somewhat frequently. And since they use a melee slash attack, wearing good slash defensive armor will help you minimize the damage taken by these monsters’ attacks.

In terms of the monster’s defensive stats, it has the least amount of protection from the stab, magic, and ranged attacks. But it is still highly possible to use slash or crush weapons to kill these monsters.

Recommended items for your Slayer task

Some items are highly recommended and will help you with your Slayer task. They include:

  • Soul Bearer. It is an excellent item because Blue Dragon drops a lot of insult heads. It allows you to send these head straight to the bank saving you lots of inventory space during your Slayer task.
  • Dwarf Cannon. After you finish a Dwarf Cannon quest, you can buy this item from the grand exchange along with the cannonballs.
  • Herb Sack. Blue Dragon drops a lot of herbs, so bringing this item will save you a lot of inventory space. It can store thirty of any herb.


Like any other RPG, OSRS has bosses to fight that will help you achieve your XP and some abilities. Blue Dragon is some of them. So the information on how to defeat this enemy is very important to get success and move forward.