Thunder VPN Review

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Thunder VPN is an Android app free of charge but those who want to protect their privacy at the highest level find it insecure. Make sure that there is a version with the same name in Apple App Store but this belongs to another developer. Certainly, you can download this VPN to your Android for free as you don’t need to pay for it, but you risk your safety. It is not recommended to do this as it is one of the worst VPNs which was already tested. So find out why from its review in this article.

H2: Main features

You can find just very few pieces of information about Thunder VPN on its website. If you find its description in Google Play Store which is little more detailed, you will see that some of the facts differ:

  • Importance of registration: no.
  • Data collection: it is claimed not, but yes.
  • Smart server choice: probably, the freest server among 9 ones.
  • Additional permissions: people write that you don’t need that, but you do need that.
  • Advertising: yes, and a lot.

The main advantage

Certainly, the main reason why so many users download Thunder VPN is the ability to use it for free and without restrictions. There are 9 servers available, and the connection is the easiest with one button. It provides the optimal server to connect by default from your real location but you can manually select the country in the settings. The number of options depends on the plan: 6 countries are available on a free version, 13 — on a paid one. This is the simplest app for the effective connection through an encrypted channel.

Thunder VPN cons

The website contains the minimum information on Thunder VPN, and this already seems to be unproven and suspicious. There is practically no information about the encryption type used by the program and how it protects your data. There are such cons:

  • Outdated encryption;
  • Frequent disconnections;
  • Extremely slow speed;
  • Doesn’t support Torrent;
  • Doesn’t bypass censorship.

Besides, there is one more important disadvantage. Using the program, the following data may be collected:

  • Your IP address;
  • The version of your operating system;
  • The language settings of your device;
  • Model of your device and its manufacturer;
  • E-mail address;
  • Current time zone;
  • Connection time;
  • Selecting the server location ;
  • Etc.


Like most VPN providers which collect data, Thunder VPN claims it is done for the sake of “the better service”. In this case, it is recommended you to use such VPN services that don’t record your activities. Although it is not the worst free VPN tested, it requires significant improvements. Paid VPNs will be always better for obvious reasons.